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Our corporate culture

Retail is a skill: a professional, high-level skill. As a firm of retail building consultants that operates both nationally and internationally, MVRO knows what is needed for retailers to create the best shopping experience.

Our mission and vision

We believe in the power and added-value of long-term, collaborative partnerships. We also believe in thinking and acting one step ahead of client expectations. It enables us to exceed expectations and create leading edge retail solutions.

Independent and objective

We are not project advisors. Neither are we interior designers. Nor are we a construction company. We also aren’t store fitters who do project management ‘on the side’. We are MVRO. We operate independently and we’re objective. This objectivity means we are in a position to offer clients the solutions that best fit their requirements.

We do not design or build: we procure the best solutions and services.

Smart. Fast. Transparent.

We know how important transparency, timing and true care in fulfilling client requirements is. MVRO has both the hard and soft skills to help clients make the right choices in concept developments or store refurbishments. We know all there is to know about retail, technical constructions, sustainable solutions and process optimisation. We also know that retail is all about seduction. That’s why we’re able to create the best retail experience.


Working safely has always been our priority during the realization of our projects. Our processes are organized in order to work safely and we continue to monitor and improve them continuously. We worked hard on further professionalization. This has led to the achievement of the HSE ** certificate. This certificate is the highest Dutch standard for Health, Safety and Environment. By obtaining this certificate, clients are given additional assurance that all precautions for Safe Working are properly safeguarded and that MVRO is periodically audited by an external qualified auditing institution.

HSE**-certifcate MVRO


Anne Zomer
Project Leader
Arjan Baggerman
Project Leader
Bjorn van Houtum
Team Project Manager
Danny Tieben
Project Leader
Diane Hugues
Deputy Director General France
Dirk-Jan Bark
Operations Manager
Eddie van Wingerden
Project Leader
Erik Zwaan
Manager Finance
Florence Albertani
Project Leader
Glenn Cuperus
Project Leader
Jaqueline van Willigen
Administrative Assistant
Jeroen de Kimpe
Manager MVRO Belgium
Jeroen Rietdijk
Project Leader
Jessica van Maren
HR assistant
Jolanda Polderman
Project Assistant
Jolanda Zwaan
Operations Manager
Josje van Oostveen
Josje van Oostveen
Content Marketeer
Julie Bonnet
Project Leader
Kees Krans
Team Project Manager
Lennert Raes
Project Leader
Liesbeth Bogaert
Project Assistant / Office manager
Dit is Maykel Spooren van MVRO
Maykel Spooren
Site Manager
Mirjam Nederstigt
Operations Manager
Mitchel van Dijk
Project Leader
Myriam Ferig
Interior architect France
Niek Verheij
Management Assistant
Niels Noorman
Manager MVRO Netherlands
Paul Brinker
Project Leader
Piet van der Jagt
Chief Executive Officer
Ruud Vossen
Project Leader
Sigrid Maarseveen
Project Assistant
Theun Lodewijkx
Project Leader
Thomas Ceulemans
Project Leader
Vincent Bacas
Commercial Director
Willem Henskens
Site Manager
William Polteau
Chief Executive Officer France
Wilmar van den Hurk
Project Leader