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China travelogue


It is vital to MVRO to keep abreast of developments in the retail sector. A research trip to China was therefore on the cards. The aim of this trip was

Hudson’s Bay Rotterdam nominated for the architectural price


Hudson’s Bay Rotterdam nominated

Albert Heijn reinvented in Eindhoven


How can supermarket chains respond to the needs of our younger generations? They might just find the answer in Eindhoven because there, in the city’s creative hotspot – Het Veem at Strijp-S – MVRO has created a new concept for Albert Heijn. This new Albert Heijn is part of Het Veem’s fresh food hall and follows the trend for clock-less eating: buy what you want, when you want it.

Inspiring trip to New York – Checking out the Retail Experience


Still somewhat reeling from nightly entertainment in one of the local bars on 9th Avenue, I get up for breakfast. I have the choice of doing so in my hotel, or at one of many breakfast cafes: the hangout of New Yorkers where they enjoy breakfast with large cups of coffee, while reading the paper accompanied by the sounds of the live TV news broadcasts.

MVRO successfully transforms stores for Hudson’s Bay


Only 16 months after Hudson’s Bay announced plans to enter the Dutch market, no less than ten Hudson’s Bay stores have been opened across the country. Industry experts and consumers alike are unanimous in their praise of this new, exciting shopping experience.

MVRO visits New York


When we talk about retail in the States, we usually think of Amazon, and more specifically, the Wholefoods takeover. Laurens Sloot (Professor of Retail Marketing) believed the takeover to be a smart move at the time, simply because of the fact that “no profits need to be made on the food sector and it was a way of introducing Amazon to families”, Sloot explained in De Levensmiddelenkrant. However, the number of visitors to the Wholefoods shops rose by a quarter very soon after Amazon’s takeover (Foursquare). Only time will tell whether those visitors will continue to shop there. The fact is that Amazon has a large, stable base of digital expertise and innovations, which perhaps give the company a head start compared to more traditional food retailers. Amazon recently opened an Amazon bookstore in the Time Warner Centre in New York, so has it also managed to appeal to the public, compared to those other wonderful flagship stores or real shops in Soho?