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The LEGO brand, a major player in children’s toys, is expanding in France. The goal is clear: By creating its own shops, LEGO no longer offers a product but a visitor experience! The ambition of the brand is to show the world with child’s eyes and duplicate the experience on all its new stores. To achieve this sucess, it is necessary to face the competition by proposing a welcoming and attractive shop which encourages to enter. It is a challenge that the MVRO team wanted to take up!

For its first LEGO store in France located at the LA TOISON D’OR shopping center in DIJON, the MVRO team had to deal with lease constraints that left only 1 week of preparation for this site of 184m². With its experience and its internal processes, 5 days were enough for the organization of the entire site.

All the work site has been driven by our teams: wall covering, tiling floor, partition, false ceiling, electricity and lighting, air conditioning, sprinkling, rolling grille, plumbing, painting.

For the LEGO brand, it is a successful challenge: first, the management of the work site has been a success, despite the delay in the course of construction site preparation. Then, the site was realized in 6 weeks, including the Christmas holidays, without causing any delay. And finally, The LEGO has found a trusted partner in MVRO and has ordered 2 new shops to realize since.

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