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Over the years, Naanhof has developed a farm shop into a complete fresh food shop for consumers. Naanhof hired MVRO and its sister company M-lab for the elaboration of Naanhof in the new formula form and the renovation. In addition to being updated, the store has also been expanded. For this we went back to the origins of the company, the Naanhof farm, with the sale of agricultural products, honest, nutritious and delicious food. That has been translated into store design and image. At the fruit and vegetable department, for example, we have retained an image of the past, a farm floor, blue crates, stable lamps and kitchen lamps. We have implemented such atmospheric elements throughout the store, such as tiles, oak and bricks. One of the challenges for Naanhof was: not just wanting to be a border store with mainly German shoppers for coffee and soft drinks, but also: more attention to the special fresh assortment. Beautiful, natural materials were used, but also plastic A4 frames to promote the goods and that also fits in with this family business. They are so close to themselves with this store.

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