Albert Heijn and AH to go: two of Ahold’s brand supermarkets in the Netherlands. Ahold has entrusted the renovation of hundreds of these stores to MVRO for many years. Time and again, we succeed in ensuring that the work under our supervision is carried out entirely in accordance with Ahold’s strict requirements.

Streamlined complex processes.

MVRO supervises and coordinates complete renovation processes for Ahold: from the first concept to delivery and maintenance. Construction and renovation work usually involves a large number of parties. Careful preparation and close monitoring of progress are crucial to meeting the extremely tight deadlines. The fault tolerance is practically zero.

Within a period of ten days, a store is stripped, renovated, furnished, supplemented and opened.

In order to guarantee that the basic principles of the Albert Heijn brand are guaranteed, MVRO has to adhere to strict brand-related requirements.

In addition, there is the challenge of building in often busy retail locations where the inconvenience to the public and road traffic must be kept to a minimum. Often there are strict local laws and ordinances for the construction work. Well-oiled logistics, maximum planning and negotiation skills are essential.

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