Collaboration is the key to our success. We work with long-standing, dedicated partners. Project management is all about being in control and achieving the desired end-result, within the agreed time and budget. We believe that transparency is paramount in everything we do for you. Our 10-step roadmap perfectly aligns your needs and requirements with our services: from turn-key projects to one-off store remakes to maintenance and 24/7 breakdown services.

From supermarkets, high-end department stores, refurbishments, to retail fit-outs and fashion outlets, we create the best retail experience for your customers.


Concept en follow-on

Concept and follow-on developments call for innovative solutions and flexible execution. Tighter deadlines, new materials, new technologies for real-time data and sustainability are just a few of the challenges that need to be faced in a quickly changing retail landscape. Our experts know what is needed – when and where – to keep your leading edge. Using innovative design and construction processes we ensure that store concepts are feasible and affordable.



Whether it’s a complete turn-key project or acting as coordinator in part of a project: we use the MVRO lean 10-step roadmap. It’s the very basis of our business promise: fast, smart and transparent services. The standardisation of our processes allows us to focus on delivering the quality you require, at the agreed upon price within the time frame set out.


Store re-engineering

Updating and adapting your store format or concept can be a major cost-impacting operation. No longer! MVRO makes it possible to carry through maximum adjustments at minimum cost. We do this based on our extensive project management know-how: we know what is key to making your store successful. We make clever and optimum use of old materials where possible. And we use new, cost-friendly materials where required.


Management and maintenance

Preventative maintenance guarantees you can continue to fulfil your customer promise. Longer opening hours than ever before, means your installations have to be up and running almost round the clock. But, sometimes things just simply break down. That’s when you can count on our 24/7 breakdown service gives you the peace of mind that things will be up and running within no time.

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